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1) Azfer Naseem, CFA (Chief Executive Officer)

Azfer has more than twelve years experience spanning across Equity Research, Corporate Finance and Private Equity. Before joining Alpha Capital as CEO in January 2021, Azfer worked as Cofounder and CEO of Akseer Research for five years and led the company’s growth journey from its budding stages to a diversified client base in Research, Advisory and Brokerage across 5 countries. Azfer continues to serve Akseer in the capacity of Executive Director, Research Technology Platforms and focus on technology led growth initiatives. In the past, Azfer has worked with leading brokerage names  in Pakistan including BMA Capital, Elixir Securities and Invisor Securities.  Azfer holds an MBA from IBA Karachi and is a CFA Charter holder.

2) Muhammad Iqbal Adhi (Director)

Mr. Iqbal Adhi is a seasoned Professional with more than 50 years of experience in Banking and Capital Markets. He co-founded Alpha Capital in 1985 and has played a pivotal role in the establishment and growth of the company. Before founding Alpha Capital, Mr Iqbal Adhi worked in the Banking sector for 27 years. He started his career from Habib Bank Limited in 1960 and moved to Middle East Bank Limited in 1977. Mr Iqbal Adhi has been elected to the governing board of PSX (formerly Karachi Stock Exchange Guarantee Limited) five times. He has also served as Director in Reliance Insurance Limited for 6 Years.

3) Mohsin Adhi (Director)

Mohsin has more than nineteen years of Capital Markets experience primarily focused on Equity Brokerage. Mohsin has played a key role in transformation of Alpha Capital from a family-owned brokerage entity to a highly professional and corporatized setup. He started his career as a Sales Trader at New Challi branch of Alpha Capital in 2003. He subsequently moved to the Head Office to head the Business Development Function in 2007. He started looking at regulatory Affairs of the company in 2014 and became the Company Secretary of Alpha Capital in 2016. Mohsin has served as a member of Market Development & New Product Committee of PSX in 2009.  He has been a visiting faculty at IBA, SZABIST and Bahria University. Mohsin has served as a President of Memon Professional Forum (MPF) 2019-20. Mohsin has an MSc in Finance & Financial Law from SOAS, University of London and has been an active member SOAS Alumni Mentoring Platform.

List of Associated Companies

  1. Akseer Research (Pvt) Limited (Sponsor)
  2. Akseer Technologies (Pvt) limited