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Alfa Adhi Securities (Pvt) Ltd visit to ‘Ehsaas Panagah’

Published September 7, 2021

Karachi, Pakistan: Alfa Adhi Securities (Pvt) Ltd visited “Ehsaas Panagah” (shelter home) located in Lyari, Karachi to provide cleaning supplies and hygiene products in order to help in compliance with COVID SOPs.


‘Ehsaas Panagah’ is a Federal Govt. initiative with ‘Panagahs’ (shelter homes) all over Pakistan to facilitate the needy and helpless people while maintaining their self-respect. The concept of ‘Panagah’ emerged from Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of compassion to facilitate the destitute and helpless people.


Drawing on proper need assessment, these shelter homes have been established in low-income neighborhoods and the residential areas of migrant workers to reach the maximum number of laborers. These ‘Panagahs’ have been effective to protect people from extreme weather conditions and chilling temperatures.


As part of the annual CSR campaign, the team of Alfa Adhi Securities had a visit to the shelter home in Lyari and talked to Assistant Director, Akhtar Hussain Baloch about the facilities provided at the shelter home. They have maintained the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitization with additional measures taken to ensure the procedures are even more rigorous.


Alfa Adhi Securities aims to serve the community by playing its part in various sectors. During the CSR drive, Alfa Adhi donated cleaning supplies and hygiene products to ensure the compliance of Covid SOPs at the shelter home in order to protect the people from coronavirus.


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