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Alpha Capital (Pvt) Limited (Formerly: Alfa Adhi Securities (Pvt) Limited) is a securities brokerage firm registered with the Pakistan Stock Exchange with TREC-021. The firm is also a member of Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX). The company has been in operation since 1985 and has a rich history spanning more than 35 years.

Alpha Capital is a full-spectrum financial services provider with a broad range of products. Alpha Capital currently offers multi-channel trading platforms to its clients; from research-based advisory and execution to a low-cost online trading platform. Our Research covers analyses of the economy, industry, and a broad spectrum of listed companies in Pakistan.

Form, Incorporation, including licenses registrations, and tax details

Alpha Capital is a private limited company with CUIN 00 33684 and company incorporation no. K-05678/94-95
The company is registered with the Pakistan Stock Exchange with TREC-021.

Permissible Business Activities

  • Equity Brokerage
  • Equity Research

Name of Auditors/Legal Advisors of the company


Crowe Hussain Chaudhury & Company

Legal Advisors

Mr. Shahid Hussain

Vision and Mission

Alpha Capital strives to deliver a high standard of service with integrity and transparency and fulfill its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. Alpha Capital takes pride in the professionalism of its team of experts that strives to maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity and put investor’s interests first.

Mission Statement

To play a pivotal role in ensuring economic growth, creating employment and reducing poverty by acting as a bridge between savers and businesses by offering top class financial services to individuals, businesses and intermediaries.

Vision Statement

To be a full-scale, technology enabled securities brokerage firm serving 1 mn clients by 2030.